Perth Garlic Festival

Perth Garlic Festival

Jerky Garlic

“There is no such thing as a little garlic.” ~ Arthur Baer

It was my first time attending the garlic festival in Perth this past weekend. It was also definitely my first time to be a vendor there as well. On the first day of the festival rain clouds put a damper on most of the day, but still didn’t stop a great number of people from making it out to look around. Between the pockets of rain people sampled a wide variety of healthy foods and walked away with piles of fresh garlic. Garlic ice cream and garlic beer were even on tap for the adventurous garlic lover.

The second day of the festival, was much more lively. The weather was beautiful and people from all over Lanark County came out to experience the beauty that is fresh garlic. People as far as the United States came to experience this festival, along with neighbours in Ottawa, Toronto and Kingston. By the time noon rolled around on Sunday we had completely sold out of all our chicken jerky product. With only a few of our dried garlic chips remaining, we decided to pack it in.

It was an excellent feeling to have been so well received, but at the same time, wished we had made a bit more. We hope the word of our product continues to spread in order to share the healthful delicious world of chicken jerky. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the big 20th anniversary of the Perth Garlic Festival. Thank you everyone for your support and all of the vendors for working hard to deliver their wonderful products to the public. See you next year!


*We are looking ahead to our next festival location. If you would like to purchase some Chicken Jerky in the meantime please follow the link to ‘Place an Order’, HERE.

**We are now also working on a ‘Cinnamon Apple Chip’ recipe to come soon.

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Perth Garlic Festival: August 13th & 14th

“Stop and smell the garlic! That’s all you have to do!” ~ William Shatner, Actor


My love for garlic goes back years. We have always had a special bond. When it is cooking, garlic is one of the foods that elicits the most excitement in my heart. The aroma and feeling fills the room, like a fluffy cloud of goodness.

When I was cycling around the world I ate half a bulb or more a day. Combined with onions and peppers, in my daily pasta, I would make a healthful concoction that is closer akin to a soup. As my water boiled I would throw in 5 or 6 whole cloves. After a while on the road, I couldn’t be bothered to chop it up anymore. I owe garlic a great deal. It is what kept me healthy for two years. In that time, I was only sick twice. I attribute a lot of that to the healing and preventative powers of garlic. The wonderful healthy powers of this historic food, goes back thousands of years.

In certain parts of China, whole cloves or chopped raw garlic, can be found on every table. In Korea, a barbecue night is not complete without smoky cloves grilling off to the edge of the wiry metal over open flame. In some countries it is used more sparingly than others. But it is something I will always love and take with me, no matter the smell.


For all of those looking to check out my new project, we will be at the annual Perth Lions Garlic Festival this Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. selling fresh chicken jerky. Entrance to the festival, held at the Perth fair grounds, is $5. Proceeds from which go towards the development of the Perth community. Now in it’s 19th year, it grew from humble beginnings to a huge attraction throughout the province of Ontario.

This year at the festival, we will be featuring our Garlic Mild and Maple Chicken Jerky. We will also have dried garlic chips, which are perfect for adding a bit of spice to soups, salads and stir-fry. Throughout the weekend there will be cooking demonstrations put on by local chefs, live music, a silent art auction, an all weekend beer tent and much more. Please come by our booth on Saturday or Sunday to sample a bit of our jerky.

If you are looking to get your garlic fix, this is the place to be. If you are a garlic lover and spice lover check out the garlic mild chicken jerky. If you are looking for something a little sweeter, check out the maple chicken jerky. No added preservatives, salt or sugars. A healthier and exciting alternative to beef jerky. You can’t miss us.

After cycling the world from China back to Canada, I am also always excited to chat about travel. Please feel free to come by and chat about anything travel related or check out my alternate website at There you will find travel inspiration and motivation to follow your dreams. Come by for a sample and see for yourself. Thank you for your support!


*You can find out more information about the Perth Garlic Festival on their website by clicking HERE.

**You can also check out his website for awesome information and ideas about everything garlic, by CLICKING HERE.

***To place an order for one of our products PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Tiny’s Best Chicken Jerky: Open For Business

Tiny’s Best Chicken Jerky


(Opening Day at Lombardy Fair)

This past weekend, July 29th, 30th and 31st, saw the beginning of a new business and side project for myself. Tiny’s Best Chicken Jerky, took to the Lombardy Fair grounds to sell some original and exciting new products. After three days, our Maple and Mild Chicken Jerky, we were sold out. The new product was well received by fair-goers of all ages. Offering up free samples, cold drinks and friendly discussions, saw Tiny’s Best out of stock before we knew it.

I guess it is back to the kitchen to get ready for the next event at the Perth Garlic Festival from 9am-5pm on August 13th and 14th. Look for our booth there for delicious and healthy chicken jerky. You’ll have to taste it to believe it!

To place an order yourself, CLICK HERE.

The Products:

1- Garlic Mild Chicken Jerky: A new look on an old classic. Inspired by travels in China, this garlic spiced medley offers delicious surprises in every bite. Good for an afternoon snack or a companion for evening drinks.

Prices: Small Bag 60g ($7) & Large 120g ($12)

Ingredients: Canadian Chicken Breast, Light Soy Sauce, Fresh Garlic, Chili Flakes, Cumin & Spices. (No added Salts, Sugars or Preservatives, Peanut Free/All Natural Ingredients.)

2- Tangy Maple Chicken Jerky: A full-flavoured product with all Canadian inspired ingredients. Every bite is a mouth watering adventure. When you open the bag, you’ll wish you’d bought another.

Prices: Small Bag 60g ($8) & Large 120g ($15)

Ingredients: Canadian Chicken Breast, Maple Sugar, Light Soy Sauce, Applewood Smoke, Worcestershire Sauce, Fresh Garlic, Black Pepper, Cayenne Pepper. (No added Salts or Preservatives, Peanut Free/All Natural Ingredients.)

*Stay tuned to this channel for future products, upcoming events and deals!

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